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Ready Player One avengers t shirt for toddlers world Promises Pop Culture Mashup And Battletoads

On prime of characters like The Joker, Chucky (the haunted doll, not the Rugrat) and KITT from Knight Rider, plenty of video recreation characters are woven into the movie.

Men's Print Yoda Disney Short Sleeve T ShirtsRyu, Chun Li and Blanka from Road Fighter all make an appearance, in addition to the principle character from Joust. There’s also a shot of dragon statues that appear to be somewhat just like the iconic Mortal Kombat logo.

Most excitingly is that, in the yr of our Lord Two Thousand and Seventeen, the Battletoads — Rash, Zitz and Pimple — all make an appearance in a giant-price range film. Academy Award-successful director Steven Spielberg put the Battletoads in a movie. Just take a moment to consider this a little extra: the director of Schindler’s List saw the Battletoads and mentioned “Yes, I will need to have them.” What a time to be alive.