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DC’s TEEN TITANS Returns, Relaunches In July With New Roster

The present Teen Titans comic could also be ending later this month, however the batman and batgirl couple shirts youtube title will not be gone for long.
In July, author Will Pfeifer and artist Kenneth Rocafort will relaunch Teen Titans with a brand new #1 — and a team that features Pink Robin, Wonder Woman, Raven, Bunker, and Beast Boy. In response to DC, the brand new group’s members will provide “bold, exciting and sometimes harmful ideas” on how to guard a world full of superpowered teens.

Teen Titans final relaunched with a brand new #1 issue in September 2011, as part of the new 52 Men’s Custom the dare devil logo Short Sleeve T Shirts reboot. Whereas that relaunch fully changed the heroes of the Titans, this new collection will carry on the continuity that is already established — however will bring a brand new course and approach to the younger heroes and their mission.

Pfeifer will take over Titans after his present three-challenge run on Purple Hood and the Outlaws ends in May. (In actual fact, DC is taking part in a little bit of switcheroo with the two titles’ writers, as current Teen Titans scribe Scott Lobdell takes over Pink Hood in June, while present Red Hood scribe Pfeifer lands on the new Teen Titans in July.)

Beforehand best identified for his runs on titles like Catwoman and Aquaman, Pfeifer has been away from comics for years till just recently recruited by DC. Newsarama talked to the writer about relaunching the comic, the make-up of this new team — and why there are no Flash or Superman characters in his Teen Titans.

Newsarama: Will, let’s begin with the basics of how you bought this gig. What introduced you to the venture, and why did it interest you

Will Pfeifer: I was engaged on Crimson Hood and the Outlaws – and having an excellent time doing it – when my editor, Michael Cotton, and some of the opposite folks at DC contacted me and asked me if I’d be occupied with switching issues up a bit and writing Teen Titans.

As someone who grew up studying those traditional Marv Wolfman/George Perez points – in truth, I’m outdated sufficient to remember buying the particular 16-page preview in DC Comics Presents at the native newsstand – I was greater than a little bit excited about the likelihood. I feel the Titans are one of those groups who’ve had a number of top-notch runs through the years, and that i wanted to see if I could add to that profitable streak.

Nrama: Lots of people anticipated that you’d be writing Purple Hood for extra than simply three points — was the choice to end your run on that title related to you selecting up Teen Titans

Pfeifer: Yes, it was. I loved engaged on Crimson Hood, and thought the characters of Roy, Jason and Kori had plenty of potential. My favorite characters to write down have always been the ones who are somewhat off the crushed path, and that trio was undoubtedly removed from the superhero mainstream.

However after having been out of the comics writing game for a number of years now, I didn’t want to take on greater than I may handle. As someone who labored at a newspaper for greater than 20 years, I’ve received a wholesome respect for deadlines, and that i didn’t need to be the guy blowing them.

So, as a lot as I enjoyed hanging out with Roy, Jason and Kori, I determined to switch gears a bit and hang out with an even youthful group of heroes.

Nrama: I feel final time we talked, in our interview about Red Hood, we mentioned the fact that the heroes in the new 52 are much youthful than their pre-New fifty two counterparts, not only with out the baggage of long continuity, but in addition with out experience as superheroes. How much does that come into play in the Teen Titans

Pfeifer: See, that’s one of many issues that basically made me want to jot down the Titans. They’re younger (in each sense of the word), and they’re going to make mistakes. Large mistakes in some instances — errors that could endanger their lives and the lives of innocent folks.

But that’s the way you learn to be a hero, and that’s the process that’s so fascinating to explore. I don’t need to write down the adventures of somebody who’s perfect – I would like to jot down about somebody who’s trying their greatest but continues to be screwed up.

And, speaking as a former teenager, I do know for a indisputable fact that nobody is more screwed up in their very own glorious, enthusiastic, inspiring way than your average teenager.

Nrama: As you start with a new #1 problem, what are your thoughts about relaunching the title This group doesn’t look that different from the last one — why the relaunch and new #1

Pfeifer: Placing the #1 on the cowl of our first issue achieved a couple of things: To begin with, it attracts attention to the book. There are such a lot of comedian books competing for the readers’ consideration now – not simply with other books however with videogames, Tv and that little thing known as “the internet” – that something we can do to lure some eyes to our cowl is something I’m all far.

But even more importantly, that #1 lets the reader know that this isn’t only a continuation of the opposite sequence. Yes, the Titans are the same heroes, and no, we’re not going to kick issues off with a year of origin tales, but we are heading in a new course and exploring some new themes.

If you’ve been reading the guide, by all means, keep studying it. (Please – I’ve a daughter who’s going to want braces quickly!)

But in case you haven’t been studying Teen Titans, give this model a shot. I don’t assume there’s another ebook on the shelves fairly like it.

Nrama: Once we talked about Pink Hood and the Outlaws, you talked about desirous to convey “fun” to that title. Do you could have the identical goal for Teen Titans

Pfeifer: Oh yeah. Much more so, in actual fact.
The fact that these characters are actual teenagers (and we’re going to be writing them like precise teenagers, too) opens up a complete world of potentialities.

I discussed before how they’re going to screw things up occasionally, and although that has some critical implications, it’s also a method to place some real comedy into the ebook.

Plus, the Titans haven’t been heroes for too lengthy, which suggests they’re not burned out or jaded by the (insane) pressures of the superheroic life. They’re truly having enjoyable themselves – well, typically – and I would like that to come back across within the comedian.

Nrama: You point out humor, but the description from DC says batman and batgirl couple shirts youtube the Teen Titans will supply “bold, thrilling and sometimes dangerous concepts” on how to protect a world stuffed with tremendous powered teens that might either be heroes or villains. First off, are the Teen Titans primarily coping with teen threats

Pfeifer: The Titans aren’t strictly coping with teen threats, however because the DCU’s resident younger heroes, they seem to draw the attention of different young folks with powers who are attempting to figure out what to do with them.

Some of these young folks will choose the heroic path, inspired by the Titans. Others will head down a darker path, looking to make use of their powers for lower than heroic ideals.

Both method, they’re going to meet up with the Titans.
Nrama: Okay, however why does the word “harmful” fit this concept

Pfeifer: Let me put it this manner: The idea of an adult supervillain is harmful because she or he has doubtlessly devastating superpowers and is aware of how to use them to achieve their targets. They know what they’ll do, they know the right way to do it, they usually know who’s going to get hurt (or killed) in the method. But should you ask me, the idea of a younger supervillain is much more dangerous, as a result of kids, bless their hearts, rarely consider the consequences of their actions.

It’s just one thing you have to be taught as you grow up. Hassle is, when you may blow up buildings with your mind or shoot hearth from your eyes, these lessons may be deadly for anyone unlucky sufficient to get in the best way.

Do not forget that episode of The Twilight Zone where Billy Mumy played a boy with the powers of a god and made everyone’s life a tension-stuffed nightmare It wasn’t that he was a bad child – he was just a child. And that’s why he was so dangerous.

Nrama: We know that the crew includes Pink Robin, Marvel Woman, Raven, Bunker, and Beast Boy. Is that the whole staff

Pfeifer: That’s the whole group for now, though this stuff are at all times in a state of flux. I’m starting with characters individuals know (and, hopefully, love), however we’ll mix issues up soon enough. Plus, the personalities of those heroes are totally different enough that simply bouncing them off each other will keep things lively for a number of issues.

Nrama: There isn’t any teen hero from the Superman family or the Flash household. Why this choice
Pfeifer: There was no big determination behind it; it’s simply how things shook batman and batgirl couple shirts youtube out when the lineup was planned. Plus, what we probably should be saying is “There’s no teen hero from the Superman family or the Flash household – yet.” Something is in the works, but I don’t assume it’s along the traces of what anyone is anticipating.

Nrama: Do DC’s occasion comics — Eternally Evil, Futures End, Batman Eternal — have an effect on the title Does this tie in to any of them

Pfeifer: I can’t say a whole lot about that, but I can say this: The Titans will be involved indirectly in Futures End and the continued existence of the group itself is, in its personal method, a response to the events of Perpetually Evil.

Nrama: How far are you in the process with artist Kenneth Rocafort
Pfeifer: I simply despatched the first script off to DC, and as I was taking a look at my very own chicken-scratch thumbnails and converting that into the actual script, I used to be attempting to imagine how Kenneth was going to take all that chaos and switch it into one thing beautiful. My favourite part of writing comics is that moment once you get your first glimpse of the artwork. Having your ideas come to life, mixed with the ideas of your fellow creators, that’s when things really get thrilling.

Nrama: Then to complete up, Will, is there the rest you need to inform fans about the brand new Teen Titans collection

Pfeifer: Simply that I hope they give it a chance. We’re actually trying to do something different with this collection, to look at superheroes from a special angle and discover their lives in a complete new manner.

If they existed in our desperate-for-leisure world, superheroes could be the largest celebrities on the planet, the main target of all types of unwanted consideration and threats of every kind. Having a bunch of teens navigate that sort of world – whereas, at the same time they’re attempting to save it – is the sort of comedian guide I’d wish to read – even when I weren’t writing it.

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