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Captain America is a fictional superhero, created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, who first appeared in Timely Comics’ Captain America Comics #1 (December 1940) [1][2][three][4]. He is often an icon of liberty and patriotism, but favors freedom over blind loyalty.

Men's Pink Ghost Rider Custom Long Sleeve T Shirts1 Essential Marvel Universe
2 Final Universe
3 Tv Shows
4 Capcom Combating games
5 Quotes about Captain America
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Essential Marvel Universe[edit]
– Keep flying, son. And watch that potty mouth! – Crashing on high of a flying F-15, after the pilot exclaims “Jeezus!” in Civil Battle # 1

– Weapons down or I will not be liable for what comes subsequent. – Facing S.H.I.E.L.D. Cape-Killers in Civil Warfare #1

– Ninety percent of the casualties of World War I were troopers, fraulein. But half the individuals who died in World Struggle II were civilians… Half of sixty-one million. I do know why I’m preventing, fraulein. I do not want to see World Warfare III. – To a German student, Captain America vol. 4 #5.

– I am loyal to nothing, Basic.. except the Dream. – After an military basic confronts him about his loyalty, Daredevil #233

– I fought your variety each day of that struggle, Zemo! You mocked democracy and said that free men had been weak! Well really feel this grip, Zemo — it is the grip of a man who loves liberty! Look into the eyes of your foe, and know that he will die for his freedom! The world must never once more mistake compassion for weakness! And while I reside — it had better not! Avengers, vol.1 #6

– Avengers assemble! – Varied comics the place he appears with the Avengers
– Doesn’t matter what the press says. Does not matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Would not matter if the entire nation decides that one thing wrong is one thing right. This nation was based on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, regardless of the percentages or the implications. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of fact, and tell the whole world — “No, you move.” – Wonderful Spider-Man #537

– Do you actually assume the fact that you understand how you can program a computer makes you more of a human being than me That I’m out of touch as a result of I do not know what you realize I do know what freedom is. I know what it feels like to struggle for it and I do know what it costs to have it. You understand compromise. – To Tony Stark, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. , Civil Warfare: The Confession

– Captain America just isn’t here to steer the nation. I am here to serve it. If I am a captain, then I’m a soldier. Not of any military department, but of the American individuals. Years in the past, in simpler occasions, this go well with and this shield have been created as a logo to help make America the land it is speculated to be… to assist it realize its destiny. Ricocheting from tremendous-villain duel to tremendous-villain duel doesn’t at all times serve that objective. There is a difference between fighting towards evil and fighting for the common good. I am not always able to decide on my battles… but efficient immediately, I’ll make an effort to decide on the battles that matter. Battles against injustice, against cynicism, against intolerance. I will still serve with the Avengers. I will continue to defend this nation from any and all threats it might face. However as of today, I’m not a “super hero.” Now and forevermore, I am a man of the individuals. Together, you and I will determine and confront America’s problems. Collectively, we will work out what we’re and what we could be. Together, we’ll outline the American Dream and make it an American actuality. – Captain America, Vol. Four, #7

– Listen to me — all of you out there! You were instructed by this man — your hero — that bazinga atom t shirt quote America is the greatest nation in the world!

– Courage, Honor, Loyalty, Sacrifice. You’re braver than you think. – Captain America: The Chosen
– These are darkish and desperate instances. I know that a few of you are afraid. It’s alright. It is completely natural. But I need you to know that I’m not. I am not afraid to die today because what we do right here is necessary. It may seem unimaginable, our enemies might appear to be limitless, however that doesn’t matter. As a result of there is nobody else. Look at me. I believe in an idea, an concept that a single individual who has the best coronary heart and the right mind that is consumed with a single objective, that one man can win a war. Give that one man a bunch of soldiers with the identical conviction, and you may change the world. – Speech to Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos, Darkish Reign: New Nation

– …so we labored our approach up from the south and met with leaders from the Maquis to assist plan the Marvel_Cinematic_Universe attack. I’ve seen numerous fight…and I might seen a lot before I received to France…but the savagery inflicted on these people. I never noticed anything prefer it until we bought to Buchenwald. That is why it galls me after i hear my own folks dismissing the French as cowards. We’re talking a couple of people who by no means gave up combating the Nazi occupation. Their nation bazinga atom t shirt quote may have surrendered, but they did not… – Captain America three, March 2005

Ultimate Universe[edit]
– Surrender !! You suppose this letter on my head stands for France – Fighting towards extraterrestrial Nazi Herr Kleiser in Ultimates Vol.2

– Yeah, I’m gonna combat you. You already know why As a result of I fought apart from Russians during World War 2. They were good and respectable males, they usually made horrible painful sacrifices to avoid wasting their nation. And to their country then flip around and put monsters in prisons with nuclear landmines… to see individuals like you, proudly complicit on this nightmare… Yeah, I will battle you. You’ve waited forty years for me in this hellhole, I feel it might be impolite to not kick your head in. – To a Soviet supervillain, Final Nightmare #four

– What are you ladies waiting for, Christmas ! – Leading a battalion of US army troops in WW2 in Ultimates #1

Television Reveals[edit]
– When Captain America throws his mighty shield,
All those that chose to oppose his shield must yield!
If he is led to a combat and a duel is due,
Then the red and the white and the blue will come by means of,
When Captain America throws his mighty shield!” – Theme track from the 1960s Marvel Tremendous Heroes Cartoon.

Capcom Preventing video games[edit]
– Freedom Prevails!

– Thumbs up, Soldier!
– Good Work, Soldier!

– For Truth, Justice, and the American method!
– Imagine in your nation, but consider in yourself!

– Stars and Stripes!!! (when performing his “Stars and Stripes” special assault)
– Charging Star!!! (when performing his “Charging Star” special assault)

– Last Justice! (when performing his “Final Justice” tremendous move)
– Your variety’s bought no shot–not whereas I’m around.

– The day I fall to the likes of you is the day I hold up my shield. (After defeating M.O.D.O.Ok. in Marvel vs. Capcom 3)

– We Avengers will at all times combat the great fight! (When profitable with the Avengers group in Marvel vs. Capcom three)

– You think I am going down to some pampered punk such as you (when up against Iron Man in Marvel vs. Capcom three)

– Your name’s Zero Hope you don’t combat like one. (when up towards Zero in Marvel vs. Capcom three)
Quotes about Captain America[edit]

– On Olympus, we measure Wisdom towards Athena, Velocity in opposition to Hermes, Power in opposition to Zeus. But we measure Courage … in opposition to Captain America. Hercules, in Captain America #444

– I was at all times fascinated by heroes and villains, with all kinds of ideas swimming round in my head…I had a scorching fudge sundae sitting in entrance of me, with the vanilla ice cream, and the recent fudge is working down the aspect. It was intriguing. The new fudge looked like limbs—legs, toes, and hands—and I’m considering to myself. Gee, this’d make an interesting villain, I mused. We’ll name him Sizzling Fudge … Simply put a face on him, and have him ooze everywhere in the place. But I appeared again on the sundae, and i saw the massive cherry on prime. The cherry seemed like a skull. “Wow,” I said to myself. “Red Skull … that sounds good.” Joe Simon “Joe Simon: My Life in Comics”, 2011.

– We knew what was going on over in Europe. World events gave us the perfect comedian-e book villain, Adolf Hitler, along with his ranting, goose-stepping and ridiculous moustache. So we determined to create the right hero who could be his foil. I did that first sketch of Captain America, and Jack and that i did the complete first challenge earlier than showing it to (writer) Martin Goodman at Well timed Comics. He beloved it immediately.
– But when Captain America came out, America wasn’t yet in the struggle, so the American Nazis weren’t happy with what we did to their beloved Fuhrer. … We had a couple of non-public encounters with the Bund (an American Nazi group). However that did not stop us. If something, it added gas to the fire. – Joe Simon, “Joe Simon interview: Captain America was a response to Hitler’s rise”, Mark Voger, Star Ledger, December 15, 2011.

External hyperlinks[edit]
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