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The AK47 Hawkeye is a capsule shop variant of the AK-47 first launched within the 12-09-10 Content Update. It is a euro capsule weapon, and as such has no obtainable mods.

The weapon is adorned with a hawk motif on the hand-guard. As well as, its paint job is a pink coloration scheme. It deals much less injury than the original AK, but it compensates brian marvel comics by having an increase in stability and rate of hearth.

Though the Hawkeye has a discount in harm, the rise in stability and price of fireplace are noticeable improvements over the regular AK. Based mostly on its mannequin and stats, it could actually presumed to be a derivative ak74 then the 47. The hawkeye is a really accurate gun when faucet firing. Nevertheless, its below-common range is insufficient for long distance engagements and bloom can get out of hand whereas moving. The Hawkeye is usually a 1-hit kill to the top from beneath 20 meters on customary and provide helmets, and often on large caliber helmets. It is a 1-three hit kill on EA08 and AA07 helmets, and normally a 1-2 hit kill on Soccer Helmets.

It is an extremely sprayable gun. There may be little bloom for the first 10 or so pictures, brian marvel comics however successive shots are unpredictable and tend to land in direction of the edge of the crosshairs.

The hawkeye has an altered reload animation compared to the AK.
Beneficial UsageEdit

The recoil pattern is such that for those who intention for the upper chest or decrease head you will usually get a kill very quick, since the recoil drifts up a little bit and then rolls in a slight circular pattern (it is somewhat unpredictable, not in any respect like Mk.3 weapons). Bullets will generally land in the middle of the crosshair for the primary 10 photographs of fully computerized firing, and for the reason that bloom and recoil are very low your photographs are going to go the place you aim and keep in that basic space for these 10 or so photographs. Tapping is just not required for many confrontations, although it is recommended if you are sending a whole lot of bullets to the enemy in a short time period, as your accuracy will remain excessive and your cross-hairs small.

This gun could be very powerful, straightforward to make use of, and helpful at close and medium ranges. It steadily kills with 1-5 pictures to the pinnacle/upper chest, relying on armor. In case you should not have it, you need to positively get it.

Advisable BuildsEdit

This gun has no modifications

AK-forty seven Origin
AK-47 Mk.Three
AK-47 Dragon
AK-47 Antique
AK-47 CQB Ao
AK-forty seven CQB AKA
AK-forty seven Nugget
AK-forty seven Charles Vane
AK-47 Glaucos
AK-forty seven Predator
AK-forty seven Alien
AK-forty seven Blacksnake
AK-forty seven MK.Four
AK-47 Neon
AK-47 Olivier La Buse
AK-47 Sevres
AK-47 Human Fighter
AK-47 Mk.5
AK-forty seven Lion
AK-forty seven Lion CFRP
AK-forty seven Goldsnake
AK-forty seven Code Pink
AK-47 Purple Monkey
AK-forty seven Miura
AK-forty seven Golden Dragon
AK-forty seven Stabileco
AK-forty seven S.t, Medal of Valor
AK-forty seven Final Custom
AK-47 Nobility
AK-forty seven, Medal of Valor
AK-47 Volt

Use transient bursts or single shots at lengthy range, medium range requires standard bursts and full auto is beneficial at shut range for surest kill.
Crouch and tap hearth at the head to make sure a headshot.

Notable ComparisonsEdit
AK47 PredatorEdit

As much as 30-35m Hawkeye provides same injury as AK47 Predator. After that Predators range bonus is beginning to show up. Their recoil pattern and pictures grouping are comparable for first 5-6 photographs, then Predator photographs starting to land vertically at the same top when Hawkeye nonetheless goes up. AK47 Predator can be thought-about as an upgraded version of AK47 Hawkeye.

The AK47 Hawkeye is actually an AK74 in the picture, and the in game mannequin. The difference being a less curved journal, brian marvel comics the addition of a muzzle break on the top of the barrel, and the identical hand grip. It is possible that the AK47 Hawkeye was actually meant to be named the AK74 Hawkeye, however was changed Legion_of_Super-Heroes in translation. This also helps clarify the lower harm rating, and better accuracy compared to the AK47 because of the AK74’s smaller, yet much sooner, and more correct cartridge.
When sustaining full-auto firing the crosshairs may be seen fluctuating in and out. The accuracy nonetheless stays relatively the identical though.

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