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“ However with him round you are a parody of a man. A duller, a cripple. Next to Superman, even Lex Luthor’s greatness is overshadowed! „
~ All Star Superman

“ The basic forces are yoked by consciousness. Every thing’s linked. Everyone. And this how [Superman] sees issues all the time. Day-after-day. It is a merciless joke. The mechanistic clockwork of reality hinging on a valuable unimaginable defiance of entropy, on life. And the clockwork does not care. It is like – Like it is all simply us, in right here together. We’re all we’ve obtained… „
~ All Star Superman

“ Effectively, console yourself on what you did forestall. Kill me, and a number of other trillion dollars of major analysis and building projects grind to a halt, the stock market tanks, a number of rising economies in southeast Asia collapse, and fifteen percent of American wealth vanishes overnight. But since it is just an assassination try, we’re solely taking a look at a temporary plunge in consumer confidence and minor recession ensuing in the lack of three million jobs over the subsequent two months. „
~ Lex Luthor to Superman

“ Why do not you set the whole WORLD in a BOTTLE, Superman „
~ Superman Crimson Son
“ My marketing campaign is a farce. A small a part of a a lot grander scheme. ‘President ‘ Do you know the way much energy I might have to present up to be president I spent $75 million on a fake presidential marketing campaign all just to tick Superman off. „
~ Justice League Unlimited

Lex Luthor is considered one of the principle antagonists from DC Comics and the arch-nemesis of Superman. He previously fought Iron Man within the 46th episode of Dying Battle, Iron Man VS Lex Luthor.

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WARNING: The following tab will reveal the numbers of wins and losses cool t shirts star wars zara for the following character. Learn at your own threat.

Battle Document
Wins: Three
Losses: 3
Attracts: 0

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Alexander Joseph “Lex” Luthor is an admirably self-made man who’s CEO of LexCorp, a sizable conglomerate primarily based in Metropolis, as nicely because the third richest man of the world. Nevertheless, though he participates in charity occasions, Luthor is motivated by ego and delight quite than morality. The truth is, LexCorp is a front for organized black market arms trades and different shady deals. It was this lust for power that ultimately made him the sworn enemy of Superman, who Luthor gradually grew jealous of to the point of making an attempt to get rid the alien with malicious intent. To that end, Luthor hires and has even performed an element in creating a few of Superman’s enemies, and if he has to battle the Man of Tomorrow or his allies, he will utilize his own battle go well with.

Loss of life Battle Data (Official)
Loss of life Battle Info (Fanon)

Full Title: Alexander Joseph Luthor
Peak: 6’2 (6’11” in armor, over 9ft in Big Swimsuit)
Weight: 210 lbs (595 lbs in armor)

Regardless of being a standard human, Lex Luthor possesses a eager genius-Degree intellect in addition to a photographic memory. At his peak, his vast intelligence and technological know-how is matched only by the likes of Batman. While having some talent in judo, taekwondo, boxing, swordplay, and gun handling, Luthor is the sort who prepared for a struggle where he has an unfair benefit over his opponent. Whereas he initially carried a fragment of kryptonite on his particular person whereas dealing with Superman, or one thing else to maintain the man of steel occupied, Luthor later liquefied it and combined it with a sample of Bane’s Venom into a steroid he injects himself with. While it gives Luthor peak human strength and barely weaken Superman in his presence, the liquid kryptonite had unexpected unintended effects. While Luthor now has a heightened superhuman immune system, it also causes him to suffer temporary lapses of sanity and long-term cancerous effects on his system. However later reverse-engineering Brainiac’s nanites for his use allowed Luthor to remove cancerous cells from his system whereas enhancing himself further physically and mentally.

Lex is notorious for his use of kryptonite. Resulting from his massive wealth he is at all times assured to have some on hand. He typically makes use of basic chunks of kryptonite for traps. Nevertheless Lex has additionally weaponized kryptonite in multiple ways; Kryptonite lasers, axes, spears, brass knuckles [1] and even a baseball bat [2].

Throughout his conflict with Superman, Luthor acquired Kryptonian battle armor and had his top engineers reverse-engineer a suit of energy-armor able to defeating Superman. The first mannequin was powered by a solar battery, but Luthor later made a series of upgrades by combining the technologies of Apokolips and Brainaic into the go well with’s design. The person positive factors superhuman energy and durability with the go well with capable of fireplace blasts of energy and generate a protecting force field round your complete body that permits journey in space.

While preventing a Kryptonian like Superman, Luthor makes use of the kryptonite embedded on his proper gauntlet to undertaking a blast of power, produce an energy blade or power spikes. The effects fluctuate on the kryptonite used: common Kryptonite can weaken a Kryptonian to the purpose that prolonged exposure could kill them, Crimson Kryptonite can have a brief and random effect on a Kryptonian like affecting their means to absorb sunlight, Blue Kryptonite primarily results Bizarro the same approach Kryptonite does to a Kryptonian, and Black Kryptonite may cause the darkish points of a Kryptonian to manifest as a separate being who can be a wildcard ally.

Lex designed the go well with primarily to have as a lot armor and power shields as potential to outlast Superman. Lex’s suit (including the ‘Giant Go well with’ variation) clearly doesn’t have the identical degree of strength or speed as Superman; however that is irrelevant because the kryptonite itself becomes an equalizer. Nevertheless Superman (in his later depictions at the very least) has so much experience being uncovered to kryptonite that he gained a slight resistance to it, and so continues to be in a position to struggle the Warsuit on equal footing.

Lex carrying a Superman model of his Warsuit
The Warsuit comes in two completely different sizes; the fundamental Warsuit and the giant Suit (which is principally a a lot larger and extra highly effective variation). The Warsuit is about the same dimension as Lex himself while the large Suit is almost as massive as Ironman’s Hulk Buster and is barely taller than Doomsday. Lex additionally has giant mechs with comparable kryptonite weapons. In the Legoverse he has different variations of his Warsuit; the Decoy Swimsuit permits Lex to summon Lexcorp robots, the Stealth Go well with makes him invisible and the Shield Suit gives him further defenses.

After Superman was apparently killed, a seemingly repentant Lex decides to take over for the Man of Steel and made a ‘Super Lex Warsuit’. He creates a more steam-lined version of his Warsuit and designed it after Superman’s uniform. While it did have kryptonite darts; it targeted primarily on plasma weapons as an alternative of kryptonite energy. While it was easily overpowered by Doomsday; the swimsuit remains to be just as powerful, if not moreso than his original Warsuit.

One in every of the smartest minds in the DC universe: declared to be a 12 level intellect – During Disaster on Infinite Earths, Brainiac deduced that only Lex Luthor had the intelligence to determine find out how to cease the destruction of the multiverse.
Has challenged and sometimes outsmarted Brainiac multiple instances.
Is taken into account on par with the intelligence of Superman, Batman and Gorilla Grodd.
Experienced the secrets of the universe past the source wall with out having his thoughts collapse. This allowed him to discover the Anti-Life Equation [three] [four]

– Defeated Gorilla Grodd’s attempted coup d’etat.
– Earlier than his predicency, Luthor claimed to have political and financial dominance over all of Metropolis.

– Made a system that would reflect Grodd’s thoughts management waves, making Grodd the enslaved puppet.
– Injustice Lex Luthor found the complete Justice League’s identities.

– Lex’s decedents would later colonize krypton; becoming the kryptonian race. (Sure, which means Lex is Superman’s ancestor)

– Warsuit normally loses to Superman, even when utilizing kryptonite – Warsuit’s armor and barriers are not indestructible (as Superman is either weakened by kryptonite or holds again his otherwise unlimited energy to not unintentionally kill Lex.) Sometimes Superman has destroyed the armor with little or no effort [7].

– Cured Superboy’s sister only to take it back, refusing to cure her so long as Superman lives
Luthor frequently ignores or lashes out against the Superman Family even when Superman or Supergirl [8] are attempting to assist him or save Lex’s life. This is both as a result of he sees kryptonians as a risk resulting from their absurd power or as a result of Lex is jealous of Superman’s superior physique and recognition.
Lashes out against his minions [9], generally killing them.

Was in initial denial over studying Superman’s identity, as he thought Superman would by no means choose such a humble alter ego (even after making a supercomputer that confirmed his id). [10]
(In most tales) Has by no means concluded that Batman and Bruce Wayne are the same individual despite Bruce and Lex interacting with each other incessantly for enterprise reasons.
After switching minds with Barry Allen, Lex had no concept who Flash’s identification was. [11]

A hyperlink to other Lex Luthor feats and faults [12]
Lex Luthor vs. Iron Man

“So Tony Stark is on his way right here…” (seeing Iron Man en-route to his location)
“So… “Iron Man”… you’ve been despatched by your colleagues to scout forward ” (to Iron Man upon seeing him alone)
“Fools! They dare underestimate me by sending just one in every of you ” (to Iron Man after he reveals that he’s alone)
“WROOONG!” (after Iron Man punches his head, considering there was no shield)
“When you had introduced the Avengers with you, you’ll have stood a better chance, but alone, your defeat and my triumph are assured.” (to Iron Man upon meeting him in the air)

Lex was intended to have hair and was the case in his first appearance, however in his second look the artist mistaken a bald henchman for Lex Luthor and so depicted Lex as bald.
Extremely-Humanite was truly intended to be Superman’s and the Justice League’s primary antagonist; debuting 1 12 months earlier than Lex.

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