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Jared Leto’s Full Joker Costume Revealed On Suicide Squad Set With Margot Robbie

Brace yourself, web – the Joker does have tattoos.
New photos from the Toronto set of Suicide Squad reveal that Jared Leto can be inked up in spite of everything.

The web went into meltdown last month when director David Ayer shared the first photograph of the DC villain covered in a bizarre array of tattoos that despatched most diehard fans either into a furious rage or fits of laughter.

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Inked: New pictures form the set of Suicide Squad reveal Jared Leto’s Joker May have those tattoos

A concept circulated quickly after that seemed to placate the fanboys: the image was only a promo shot to rejoice the Joker’s 75th anniversary. Footage of a tattoo-less Leto on set appeared to again this up.

However on Monday new photographs leaked from the set showing an actual scene being filmed – and Leto was clearly rocking the controversial pores and skin art.

The images additionally present the 43-year-previous for the first time in his full Joker costume, and – in another maybe less prickly departure – he seems to have forsaken the purple of all his predecessors.

Everlasting: The pics clearly present director David Ayer is sticking with the physique deadpool dri fit shirt quotes art that sent the web into a frenzy final month

Not only a promo then: This first still launched in April made fans furious or just amused at the the considered the DC villain with such literal tattoos

For life: It was theorised that the picture was merely a promo shot to celebrate the character’s 75th anniversary – but these newest images blow that out of the water

Snazzy: The images additionally reveal the Joker in full costume for the primary time
Sharp-dressed clown: The villain appears sharp in a silver blazer, black slacks, black sneakers and burgundy button-down shirt… buttoned down as far as to reveal the body tattoos are definitely in place.

He cuts a really sharp-dressed clown, choosing a snazzy silver blazer, black slacks, black shoes and burgundy button-down shirt… buttoned down as far as to reveal the physique tattoos are positively in place.

He’s even accessorized with some bling, rocking a gold watch and a lot of rings.
The photographs are also the primary time followers have seen the Joker together together with his on/off girlfriend, Harley Quinn.

Match made in hell: The pics additionally show Joker and his on/off girlfriend Harley Quinn – played by Margot Robbie – on display together for the primary time

Lover’s tiff: Within the tense scene, Robbie factors a gun on the Jokers head
Take that! The Joker then grabs the gun earlier than slapping Quinn to the ground

Highway rage: In the scene, set below an overpass, Leto drives at Robbie who’s standing in the middle of the highway, but stops earlier than he hits her

Get a room: He gets out of his pink sports activities car and the 2 argue before instantly kissing
Never become involved: When a truck driver approaches them wielding a crowbar, Harley Quinn pulls out a gun deadpool dri fit shirt quotes and shoots him lifeless

Margot Robbie performs his psychotic different half within the film, however in the images seems to be in her psychiatrist alter ego of Dr Harleen Quinzel.

Carrying tan boots, tight black jeans, a button down denim shirt and horn-rim glasses, she is a far cry from the baseball bat-wielding psycho-cheerleader look she has been rocking on set thus far.

The pair had been filming an intense night time scene from the film beneath an overpass in Toronto.
Make up your mind: After killing the man, Robbie then turns the gun on Leto

Vanity: Joker’s customized pink sports car bore the licence plate ‘HAHAHA’
Humorous cash: Leto’s Joker is quite bling – he even wears a gold watch and quite a few rings

Dangerous style: Robbie wore tan boots, tight black denims, a button down denim shirt and horn-rim glasses throughout the scene

The 24-year-outdated seemed appeared to be in the villainess’s alter ego guise of psychiatrist Dr Harleen Quinzel

Teammates: The Joker and Harley Quinn are two members of Task Pressure X – AKA the Suicide Squad
Robbie is standing in the course of the street when the Leto races at her in a pink sports activities automotive – with a HAHAHA licence plate – but stops in need of hitting her.

He will get out and the two argue after which immediately start kissing. However a semi truck pulls up behind the stalled automobile and the driver gets out carrying a crowbar to see what the hold up is.

Quinn then deadpool dri fit shirt quotes pulls out a gun and shoots him lifeless before turning the weapon on the Joker, pointing it straight at his head. He all of the sudden grabs the gun after which slaps her to the bottom.

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