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Transformers Movie Wiki

Optimus Prime is the main Protagonist of The Transformers Series and the chief of the Autobots, the final Prime, and the half brother of the Decepticon chief Megatron.

Optimus was mentored by Sentinel Prime, the final Prime before him, and eventually turned the chief of the Cybertronian scientific devision, whereas Megatron grew to become Lord High Protector of Cybertron. When Megatron was corrupted by The Fallen and formed the Decepticons, Optimus rose up in opposition to him in a vicious struggle.

Close to the end of the struggle, after the Ark, along with Sentinel Prime and the Autobots’ last hope of successful the struggle vanished into house, Optimus was forced to launch the AllSpark into deep area to maintain it out of the fingers of the Decepticons. With out the AllSpark, Cybertron was lowered to a barren wasteland, forcing Optimus, the Autobots and the Decepticons to abandon their homeworld and flee across area.

Following a beacon despatched by Bumblebee the previous night time, Optimus, Jazz, Ironhide and Ratchet arrived on Earth in their protoform modes. After scanning a Peterbilt semi-truck as his alt mode, Optimus met up with Bumblebee, Ratchet, Jazz and Ironhide in an alley and defined their history to Sam and Mikaela, as well as Sam’s importance.

Optimus arrived at Sam’s house and waited outdoors whereas Sam and Mikaela searched inside for the glasses. Much to Sam’s exasperation, Optimus Prime, in his impatience, clumsily ruined his dad and mom’ garden. Prime’s makes an attempt to cover, similar to having the Autobots rework into automobile mode right in the yard; had been additionally less than passable. In the end, Sam got here so close to a panic assault that Prime was compelled to order the Autobots to fall again. When the dad and mom came to analyze, Prime’s try to avoid discovery triggered the home to shake, as Ron jumps into an previous solid-iron tub and acknowledged that he hates earthquakes; although this was to their profit, because the father assumed that the injury to the yard was the results of an earthquake. Ironhide urged that he ought to kill the parents as they had been very irritating, but Optimus scolded his previous friend. Regardless of all this, their presence remained undetected until Sector Seven arrived and abducted Sam, Mikaela and Sam’s mother and father.

Optimus Prime sent the Autobots in pursuit of the SUV that contained Sam, Mikaela, and Sector Seven’s director, Agent Simmons. Prime intercepted the automobile carrying their young human pals, ripping the roof of the car off, with the opposite Autobots disarming the brokers, and made it perfectly clear to Simmons how enraged he was at him for making an attempt to apprehend the two kids, regarding this as a bad transfer on Simmons’ behalf. Optimus then ordered his comrades to relieve the brokers of their weapons, and attempted to interrogate Simmons. The agents’ lack of shock at their appearance indicated that they’d seen Cybertronians before, but Simmons refused to reveal any data. With a Sector Seven backup staff en route, Prime ordered the Autobots to scatter, whereas he took Sam and Mikaela. While hiding under a bridge, Mikaela and Sam slipped and fell off Prime’s shoulder. Bumblebee managed to catch them before influence, however was captured, and Sam and Mikaela recaptured, by the organization after their retreat.

Optimus Prime, now in possession of the glasses which may inform him the location of the AllSpark, regretfully left Bumblebee in Sector Seven’s fingers, knowing that if they went after him, they would have to make use of deadly drive. After regrouping the following day, Prime used the glasses to locate the AllSpark. Jazz raised objections to leaving Bumblebee behind, however Prime remained agency in his belief of not harming the people. Ironhide appeared okay with using deadly power, stating the people have been a “primitive and violent race”, however Prime countered that when their time had come, the Cybertronians had been little totally different. Going on to elucidate the potential he noticed in the people, as well as reminding them that “freedom is the fitting of all sentient beings”, Prime revealed to the Autobots his real plan for the AllSpark: if they could not defeat the Decepticons, Prime intended to merge the Cube with his spark. Though this may destroy the AllSpark, Ratchet cautioned Prime against this, as the Cube’s uncooked energy would also kill him. Prime believed that this was acceptable, vowing to not let another race undergo the mistakes of the Transformers. The glasses placed the AllSpark at Hoover Dam the place, fortunately, Bumblebee and the younger humans had been taken.

Optimus’s staff met up with Sector Seven, Bumblebee, Sam, and Mikaela enroute, who had deliberate to hide the AllSpark in close by Mission City. Whereas on the highway CA-210, he was attacked by Bonecrusher, who managed to sort out Optimus and drag him over the edge of a freeway overpass. During the battle, Optimus emerged victorius when he decapitated the fashion-stuffed Decepticon; because the Decepticon swung his claw wildly, Optimus drew his sword from his right arm and sliced off one in every of Bonecrusher’s arms, before brutally ending off his enemy by deadpool tacos shirt driving the blade through Bonecrusher’s neck, severing his head.

Optimus arrived at Mission City simply in time to observe Megatron discarding the remains of Jazz and challenged him. Millennia in the ice had done nothing to lessen Megatron’s hatred of his brother, and he launched himself in jet mode at the Autobot chief. Optimus leaped and grabbed hold of the wings, which was a extremely bad thought, as Megatron drove himself and Prime via an office block.

As they flew out of the building onto the road under, Megatron remodeled and leapt on high of Prime, declaring the people undeserving of life. Prime rejected his claims, saying that they deserved to decide on for themselves. Megatron threw Prime throughout the street, declaring that if he wished to defend the people, Prime might die with them. He then formed his fusion cannon from his forearms. The facility up time allowed Prime to draw his ion blaster and fireplace hitting Megatron. The Decepticon used the momentum to spin around, then used the fusion cannon to blast Prime throughout the street into one other building. Megatron then resumed the hunt for Sam and the AllSpark.

Monitoring Megatron to the deserted building, Prime barely managed to catch Sam after Megatron knocked him off the roof. Telling the boy to hold onto the Cube and keep close to him; Prime tried to scale down the constructing, but Megatron deadpool tacos shirt jumped on Prime, causing them each to fall down arduous onto the street under. Sam survived, nevertheless. Optimus informed the boy that if he couldn’t defeat Megatron, that Sam should put the AllSpark into his chest which might destroy it. As Sam sought cover, Optimus confronted down Megatron, informed him that, “At the end of today, one shall stand, one shall fall”. Sadly, Megatron, even after years of stasis, proved to be far too highly effective for Prime to defeat alone. The unit led by Lennox and the Raptor squadron laid down suppressing hearth as Megatron reached for the AllSpark, until Optimus lastly took him down by sweeping his legs. Still, Megatron continued crawling toward the Cube. Believing he had lost, Optimus implored Sam to put the AllSpark into his chest. Sam instead thrust it into Megatron’s chest, killing the Decepticon chief and destroying the AllSpark.

As Optimus watched his brother die, he regretfully said, there was little other alternative. He also informed Sam he owed him a debt of gratitude for saving his life, however was then informed that Jazz had not survived. Prime eulogized his comrade, then commented that that they had gained new comrades within the humans, and was honoured by their bravery. Bumblebee, who had lastly regained his voice, requested permission to stay with Sam Witwicky, to which the younger human eagerly agreed and Optimus permitted. He noticed a fragment of the AllSpark in Megatron’s chest cavity and removed it, then permitted the humans to dispose of the Decepticon corpses.

Though Megatron was killed and his Decepticons have been defeated, the AllSpark was destroyed, leaving the Autobots unable to restore Cybertron. The Autobots elected to stay on Earth and Prime despatched a message into deep area to any surviving Autobots in the galaxy to come to their new residence on Earth, their lengthy years of looking having finally come to an end. As the opposite Autobots rested, Optimus Prime seemed to the sky, hoping his message had been heard.

With the death of Megatron and the destruction of the AllSpark, Optimus and his Autobots spent the subsequent two years on Earth, helping N.E.S.T. hunt the remaining Decepticons on Earth. After locating and defeating Demolishor and Sideways in Shanghai, Optimus and the Autobots recieved a message from Demolishor that “The Fallen would rise again.”

Optimus and N.E.S.T. returned to Diego Garcia where the Nationwide Security Advisor questioned the Autobots’ continued presence on Earth and proposed having the Autobots go away, which Optimus agreed to if asked.

After Ravage and Reedman stole the AllSpark shard, Optimus turned to the one ally he has that he believes will help convince the federal government – Sam Witwicky. Optimus met with Sam in a cemetery after sending Bumblebee to retrieve him, but Sam refused to assist, believing that he could not help and that Optimus did not need his assist. Optimus was clearly annoyed saying that they needed Sam’s assist more than he knew.

Later, Optimus came to Sam, Mikaela and Leo’s rescue after they have been captured by the Decepticons. He then battled Megatron, Starscream and Grindor. Optimus drove right into a forest, but Megatron sped towards them in his automobile mode from behind. Megaton fired some stray shots at Prime in his tank form before jumping onto Prime, desiring to rip Prime apart while he was nonetheless in truck form. Nonetheless, Optimus transformed on the last minute and punched Megatron while each robots were in mid-air. Megatron then tackled Prime, and each of them hurtled to the ground, whereas Sam hid on Prime’s orders. Prime proceeded to beat Megatron with a tree and punched him in the again, earlier than slashing him with one in every of his energon swords. This prompted Megatron to call Grindor and Starscream, who came crashing by way of the bushes to their leader’s help. Prime grappled with Starscream, kicking Megatron away at the identical time, before holding Starscream upside down in the air and kicking him in the head. Nonetheless, the three Decepticons formed a bully circle around Prime, with Grindor and Starscream capturing their machine guns at Prime earlier than Megatron blasted him off his feet along with his cannon. The blow despatched Prime flying in direction of Sam, who managed to remain hidden.

Optimus about to battle Megatron, Starscream and Grindor
Optimus after buying Jetfire’s components

Later, on the deck of an aircraft service taking them again to America, Optimus joined Sam and thanked him for saving his life to which Sam responded “You’re welcome” and thanked him for believing in him. Optimus then broadcasted a message concerning the shared historical past and future of the human and Cybertronian races.

Following the Battle of Egypt, Optimus and the Autobots began to assist the US in preventing human conflicts. Three years after the battle in Egypt, Optimus, N.E.S.T. and the Autobots travelled to Chernobyl, where they discovered a mysterious piece of metallic part before coming under assault by Shockwave’s Driller. Optimus grabbed a sword and shield from his weapons pack and cut unfastened the piece of metal components. Shockwave emerged from the Driller to glare at Optimus earlier than fleeing with his pet. Optimus was shocked and enraged to find that the mysterious piece of metal was an engine half from the long-misplaced Ark.

The Autobots returned to NEST with the part and Optimus remained in alternate mode at first as Charlotte Mearing approached him when he was angered. Optimus remodeled and confronted Mearing in regards to the half and the fact that they have been informed that all the things humanity knew in regards to the Cybertronians had been informed. Mearing explained that it was saved secret from everyone except a very few individuals and introduced in Buzz Aldrin to clarify. After learning of the Ark being crashed on the moon, Optimus decided to take the Xantium to investigate the wreckage.

Optimus and Ratchet travelled to the moon and entered the Ark the place they found Sentinel Prime in stasis lock with 5 of the Pillars, including the Control Pillar. They recovered the Pillars and Sentinel and returned to Earth with them.

Afterwards, Optimus took Sentinel to show him among the planet. Sentinel was impressed and Optimus provided him the Matrix of Management after lamenting what may have happened if Sentinel had led the final battle of the warfare. Sentinel refused the Matrix and informed Optimus that he is now the teacher, not him.

Later, Optimus rushed again to the bottom after Sam discovered what the Decepticons were as much as, but was too late as Sentinel revealed his true colors, murdered Ironhide, and took the Pillars.

On the National Mall in Washington, Optimus pleaded with Sentinel, who was using the Area Bridge to bring an military of a whole bunch of Decepticons to Earth, to cease. When that failed, Optimus attacked Sentinel, however proved to be no match for the formal leader. Sentinel pinned him down and explained that he did what he did to save Cybertron before leaving, telling Optimus that he was fortunate he didn’t kill him and that he would one day perceive.

Optimus, Sam and Que by the Xantium
Optimus and the others abandoned the Xantium before its destruction and they headed to Decepticon-occupied Chicago to fight the Decepticons with the aspect of surprise. Optimus arrived just in time to shoot down a Decepticon fighter and save Sam, Epps and their team and ordered the Wreckers to kill the pilot. After making a speech about taking the combat to the Decepticons, Sam and Bumblebee took the downed fighter to rescue Carly and succeeded, killing Laserbeak in the process and hooking up with Optimus and the remainder of the Autobots afterwards.

Optimus and the other Autobots headed further into town to open a manner for Sam, Epps and their workforce to make their technique to a building the place they would attempt to shoot down the Management Pillar. Alongside the way in which, Shockwave and his Driller attacked, separating Optimus from his trailer. After linking up with the humans in a constructing, Optimus headed out to retrieve his trailer, needing the weapons and flight gear it contained.

Optimus succesfully retrieved his trailer and flew it, in time to attack the Driller and save the crew from death. Optimus shot the Driller multiple occasions earlier than crashing by it, breaking it in half and killing it. Optimus landed on high of a crane where an enraged Shockwave blasted him, causing him to get twisted up in cables. Optimus was noticed by the Wreckers who shortly climbed up to chop him free.

Optimus executes Sentinel
Optimus quickly caught up with Sentinel on a bridge and attacked him again. Optimus held his personal until Sentinel minimize off his right arm and injured his left shoulder. As Sentinel was about to kill Optimus, he was attacked by Megatron who critically wounded Sentinel, saving Optimus’ life.

Megatron requested for a truce, saying all he wantedwais to be in charge once more and asked Optimus what he could be with out him. Optimus responded with “Time to seek out out.” and attacked Megatron. Even one-armed, Optimus was an excessive amount of for Megatron and he impaled him in the pinnacle with his battle-axe, ripped off Megatron’s head and spine, killing him. Sentinel then tried to clarify to Optimus why he betrayed him, but Optimus coldly instructed Sentinel he betrayed himself before killing Sentinel with Megatron’s fusion cannon.

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