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Superman: Brainiac Assaults

Margaret M. Dean
– Curt Geda
– Kyle Jolly
– Sander Schwartz
– Duane Capizzi
Christopher Simmons

Tim Daly
Powers Boothe
Dana Delany
Lance Henriksen
– June 20, 2006 (2006-06-20)

Superman: Brainiac Assaults is a 2006 direct-to-video animated movie with production designs based on Superman: The Animated Series from Warner Bros. Animation, airing as a part of the Toonami block on Saturday June 17, 2006, and was released on DVD Tuesday June 20, 2006. It also aired on Toon Disney on June sixteen, 2008, being the first Superman movie to air on Toon Disney. The movie features Superman battling the forces of Lex Luthor and Brainiac. It additionally focuses on the relationship between Superman and Lois Lane and stands as the primary Superman solo animated movie.

Though the movie’s visual style is identical as Superman: The Animated Sequence (as are the majority of its returning voice forged), it is not in continuity with the DC animated universe.[1] Superman: TAS alumni Tim Daly and Dana Delany are reunited to play the characters of Superman and Lois Lane. Also returning from the animated series are David Kaufman as Jimmy Olsen, George Dzundza as Perry White, Mike Farrell as Jonathan Kent & Farrell’s real life spouse Shelley Fabares as Martha Kent. That is the first time that Daly has returned to the Superman position since the 2002 video game Superman: Shadow of Apokolips, as he was not a part of the forged of the Justice League animated collection the place the part of Superman was played by George Newbern at the time. Clancy Brown, Lisa Edelstein and Corey Burton, who performed Lex Luthor, Mercy Graves and Brainiac within the animated series, Superman, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited for the DCAU are absent within the cast of the film. Powers Boothe (who also voiced Gorilla Grodd on Justice League), Tara Robust and Lance Henriksen as a substitute played Lex Luthor, Mercy Graves and Brainiac, respectively.

Notably, this depiction of doctor who tardis quotes t shirt Lex Luthor, somewhat than being the chilly, calculating industrialist portrayed in Superman: The Animated Sequence, seems to include elements of Gene Hackman’s less severe portrayals of the character in dwell-motion films, making Luthor more light-hearted and darkly whimsical, going as far as to make jokes about the situations round him, and Brainiac is portrayed as more deliberately evil with a human-like character as an alternative of being a heartless machine fulfilling his programing. However the actions Luthor and Brainiac take are just as ruthless as all the other modern-day and animated incarnations.

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Brainiac crash lands on Earth and hijacks Lex Labs to collect Earth’s information and amass the facility of its weapons methods. Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are despatched to considered one of Lex Luthor’s laboratories after Brainiac arrives on Earth on a meteor, successfully dodging the attempts made by Luthor’s satellite tv for pc to destroy any potential damage to the Earth in an attempt to boost his recognition towards Superman because the true hero of the individuals. Superman shortly arrives and finds Brainiac downloading data from the computers with data relating the varied forms of weaponry from LexCorp, including the laser-geared up meteor shield that had doctor who tardis quotes t shirt attempted to destroy Brainiac earlier. Using his ice breath, Superman is able to seemingly destroy Brainiac, after Superman and Brainiac had engaged in battle.

Witnessing the incident, and how his satellite tv for pc might be used as an efficient weapon in opposition to Superman, Luthor finds Braniac’s still intact brain chip and takes it to LexCorp, the place he reactivates Brainiac. He then proposes that Brainiac, with the expertise of LexCorp as well as Kryptonite, defeat Superman, after which Luthor step in to chase Brainiac away from the Earth, in front of the world to make him appear as Earth’s true hero, where he will then be free to conquer other planets, leaving Lex accountable for Earth. Brainiac accepts the agreement, and proceeds to rebuilding and enhancing himself.

Meanwhile, Clark Kent contemplates the idea of showing his secret identity to Lois. The opportunity presents itself when editor Perry White, on account of employees shortages, sends each Kent and Lois to overview a restaurant in Metropolis. Throughout this time, nonetheless, Brainiac returns. Amongst his improvements is the power to trace down Superman based on his DNA. After one other battle with Brainiac, Superman has been significantly affected by Brainiac’s kryptonite energy rays, and Lois is critically injured in the method. It is revealed that her blood has been contaminated with a kryptonite, metallic-based mostly poison, doctor who tardis quotes t shirt that is galvanizing her blood cells and if not treated, would show fatal.

Feeling responsible, Superman obtains a pattern of Lois’ blood from the hospital and returns to the Fortress of Solitude where he analyzes Lois’ blood using his Kryptonian expertise. It is then when Superman discovers that the one cure for Lois’ condition is to acquire a chemical substance, often known as Argonium forty four, from the Phantom Zone. Nonetheless, Brainiac is ready to locate Superman in his Antarctic retreat, and attempts to downloaded the information of Krypton from Superman’s pc. Superman then initiates a self-destruct sequence. Brainiac, not being able to find Superman, presumes that he has been killed within the explosion. Superman had, in reality, gone into the Phantom Zone so as to find the Argonium 44, which would not only cure Lois and heal himself, but present him with increased power towards Brainiac by shielding him from his kryptonite blast.

Brainiac returns to Metropolis where Luthor awaits in order to satisfy their agreement. Jimmy investigates Lex and realizes that he’s working with Brainiac. Brainiac, nevertheless, intends to kill Luthor in order to conquer Earth, and had even eliminated the self-destructive part that Luthor had planted ought to Brainiac double cross him. Superman seemingly returns through a portal and cures Lois, however when bringing her out of the hospital, he realizes this experience is an illusion created by the Phantom Zone when Lois repeated goad him to remain along with her and never go after Brainiac. After this, he’s chased and attacked by several Phantoms before he truly escapes the Phantom Zone.

Returning to Metropolis, Superman and Brainiac have interaction in a prolonged battle, during which Luthor is injured in the crossfire. Mercy discovers Jimmy searching for proof against Luthor and brutally attacks him. Ultimately he takes over one in every of Lex’s massive, robotic exoskeletons and knocks her unconscious. Unfortunately, his digital camera is destroyed by his attack, relieving him of the prospect to photograph evidence of Lex’s schemes, a lot to his dismay. Superman seemingly defeats Brainiac and then returns to the hospital with a purpose to cure the ailing Lois. However before Lois can take the cure, Braniac, who’s now solely a head, attacks the hospital and smashes the cure. Instantly afterwards, Superman lastly destroys Brainiac by breaking his mind chip.

With the cure now destroyed, Lois faces certain demise. Superman, regretting never telling Lois his true feelings then embraces her. It is then that his tears, containing Argonium 44 that had healed him earlier, makes contact with Lois, curing her. She presumes him to be Clark, however Superman, (having modified his mind for her security) tells her he is simply Superman. Later, Superman recovers a chunk of his destroyed Kryptonian technology where he aims to rebuild his fortress. He then vows to stop his job at the Each day Planet in an try to prevent future harm to his loved ones, should any of his enemies discover his secret identification.

The film ends with an injured Luthor going through criminal prosecution after the invention of LexCorp’s involvement with Brainiac’s attack, and Lois racing to cowl the appearance of Mr. Mxyzptlk in Metropolis. Seeing Lois’ eagerness to put herself in hurt’s approach with a purpose to cowl a narrative, Superman goes again on his earlier decision to stop the Daily Planet so that he may be with Lois, as well as Metropolis’ protector against essentially the most powerful threats from the universe.

Tim Daly as Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman
Powers Boothe as Lex Luthor
Dana Delany as Lois Lane
Lance Henriksen as Brainiac
George Dzundza as Perry White
David Kaufman as Jimmy Olsen
Mike Farrell as Jonathan Kent
Shelley Fabares as Martha Kent
Tara Strong as Mercy Graves

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