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New ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Concept Artwork & ‘Avengers’ Sequel Title

Comedian-Con is coming to a close, however the hype is just starting for two of Marvel’s future tasks. Whereas no bulletins have been made for Part Three of Marvel’s cinematic universe, there guardians of the galaxy shirt amazon jp have been two cool reveals that ought to have fans excited. The first is for Marvel’s boldest new film, an adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy. The cosmic hero ensemble is a rag tag workforce of area thugs who attempt to maintain peace and order within the galaxy, though it won’t be in essentially the most standard approach. Idea art was revealed previously, however the character designs have changed a bit on a model new piece of concept artwork exhibiting the entire team. Look!

Here’s the brand new concept artwork featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy, along with a brand new title remedy:
As you may see, this idea art utilizes the likeness of the cast, and this is precisely how we noticed them appear in the footage screened in Hall H. As you’ll be able to see, the shadows of the characters mimic the previous idea artwork, which is a nice contact. It must be noted that seeing the totally rendered Rocket Raccoon and Groot pc generated characters was fairly damn spectacular. In addition, this picture is essentially how the characters had been introduced within the footage, almost as a usual suspects type of police line-up, with John C. Reilly saying, “They name themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy,” and Peter Serafinowicz saying, “What a bunch of a-holes.” And after seeing Chris Pratt as Star-Lord, you would possibly agree.

But that is not all for revelations that got here out of Comic-Con. Kevin Feige brought out Joss guardians of the galaxy shirt amazon jp Whedon who simply mentioned, “I haven’t got something to say, but I do have one thing to show you.” And a fancy animated sequence of clanging steel pieces with voiceover of lines from every of the team members of The Avengers played till a beam of red mild shined, revealed to be the eyes and helmet of the Marvel villain Ultron. And here’s the title therapy for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, coming in 2015:

For individuals who aren’t freaking out as a result of they’re unfamiliar with the villain, Ultron has been around because the 60s. He’s a living automaton who developed self-awareness and intelligence, turned on his creator and developed into a supervillain. Ultron would go on to create the synthezoid recognized as the Imaginative and prescient, who was used as a weapon to destroy The Avengers earlier than he too turned on his villainous creator and joined the superhero workforce. What’s much more interesting about this character is that he was created by Dr Henry Pym, the man who will develop into Ant-Man in Edgar Wright’s forthcoming comedian adaptation. As you possibly can see, that provides us a reasonably good thought of how some things will progress in Phase Three.

Truthfully, knowing that Ultron is going to be the villain in the Avengers 2, it would be a fairly good guess that Vin Diesel goes to end up taking part in Imaginative and prescient. The actor confirmed on the convention that a giant announcement is coming at the top of the month about him working with Marvel, however that’s all we all know. Some have speculated that he would possibly end up voicing Rocket Raccoon since that has but to be announced, whereas others seem to suppose that Diesel may end up enjoying Thanos, the villain teased at the top of The Avengers. Speaking of which, if Ultron is the villain in the Avengers 2, then what’s up with Thanos

Properly, Kevin Feige simply did an interview with IGN and confirmed that Thanos shall be seen in Guardians of the Galaxy. So far as how prominent the villain shall be, we won’t make certain, however maybe the seed Marvel planted in the primary assembly of The Avengers was for much additional down the highway. As for Ultron, Marvel just lately released a ten-issue crossover comedian e book referred to as Age of Ultron, and you can try the synopsis right right here to learn extra, although it in all probability won’t be the precise plot of the movie. In the meantime, extra Marvel news is likely to be coming on the Disney D23 Expo subsequent month, so stay tuned. Ideas on on all this

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– toonfed
– OfficialJab
One in every of this stuff just isn’t like the others.

– Chris Skalicky
Vin Diesel may very well be voicing Ultron. That’s another chance.
– yomandenver
That may be very doable.

– Hamengku
Why do I have a feeling that he’d play Groot…
Now we simply want Doctor Pym.

– Charlie Hard
Hank Pym is just not going to be in Avengers 2, as announced by Joss Whedon himself, http://www.youtube.com/watch v=Ylai2RE9EM0 Properly our worst fears are upon us, should have recognized this was going to occur since the Ant-Man movie goes to be released earlier than Avengers 2.

– Sky
He grows and shrinks, but in a loopy method. It is that approach within the comics at least… at one point he is residing in a guardians of the galaxy shirt amazon jp pot that Rocket Raccoon carries around

– Sky
And if u look at all of the shadows, Groots shadow is just his head I think
Oh! Good eye. You are proper!

– Sky
Marvel wouldnt let that happen
– Cody W
I dont get the whole line of pondering that Marvel cant make mistakes, remember Hulk….IM2 and three, Avengers was full of ridiculous plotholes…..Some might argue captain america was very mediocre(like me) and Thor was fairly eh. You gotta give there advertising division credit I suppose, they construct upon mediocrity to huge repay movies like Avengers.

– Sky
Which Hulk… i preferred The entire Iron Man Movies and i just like the Hulk movie with Edward Norton. The explanation I say that Marvel would not let that occur is that they have had some fairly nice Intro movies. To me it doesn’t sound like ur a fan of the Marvel Movie Universe. U dont like Hulk, IM2&3, Captain America or Thor. Maybe your simply not a fan of Marvel, and the entire cause you dont perceive why people say issues like I did is as a result of u aren’t a fan…… i like each movie that has arrange the Avengers and i like Avengers the most

– Dominic
Precisely , cody for this reason Marvel is better than DC/Warner . They understood that they needed to get a major # of superheroes out in the movie public , even if they might only attraction to certain followers . Niche-market . THEN you’ll be able to bring the teams in . And more villians . Credit score Marvel’s market analysis definitely . One prob with a JLA movie is that you will use time introducing everyone and their backstories . So I’m sure somebody will say ” There’s not sufficient action !