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From Ron Marz, Darryl Banks and Romeo Tanghal comes GREEN LANTERN: KYLE RAYNER VOL. 1, amassing the traditional Green Lantern adventures lengthy out of print! Hal Jordan had been Earth’s Inexperienced Lantern—a proud hero in an excellent prouder tradition. But even heroes have their limits, and when his hometown of Coast Metropolis was destroyed by Mongul, Hal Jordan reached his. When the Green Lantern Corps’ creators refused Hal the ability to change the past, something inside him snapped. He crossed the road he had sworn he by no means would, and stripped the Guardians of the Universe and their legendary Green Lantern Corps of iron man heart t shirt 720 every shred of power that they had, killing many of them in the process. He turned a man consumed together with his personal rage, and an era of heroism ended. The ring and legend of the Corps, nonetheless, wouldn’t be extinguished. The lone surviving Guardian has come to Earth and bequeathed the final energy ring to a young man named Kyle Rayner. With it, a brand new chapter in the legacy of Green Lantern has begun. But this time, there’s no one to practice the new bearer of the ring, and he must be taught to wield it in a iron man heart t shirt 720 trial by hearth against among the DC Universe’s most powerful threats! For the first time ever, this volume collects GREEN LANTERN #forty eight-57, NEW TITANS #116-117 and R.E.B.E.L.S.

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