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Guardians Of The Galaxy Details From Director James Gunn *THOR 2 End Credits SCENE SPOILERS*

Thor 2 really gave film goers their first style of what the cosmos of the Marvel Universe is like. The tip credits sequence might be an enigma to all but the most rabid comedian followers, but it negan the walking dead t shirt group sets up Guardians of the Galaxy and reveals what the ultimate point of your entire film saga will probably be in (presumably) Avengers three. We’ll give it a few more days, as a result of it’s just been out two days within the states, earlier than dissecting minutiae, but MTV recently talked to Guardians director James Gunn and he gave some fascinating data on the August 2014 launch.

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“Everything else I’ve ever been by negan the walking dead t shirt group way of — failed relationships, failed films, failed friendships — every thing I’ve ever achieved means nothing because I’ve simply been created by God to make ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ for you people.”

“I’m a very controlling guy. [Rocket Raccoon] is an enormous one for me, and I have very particular ideas about what Rocket negan the walking dead t shirt group Raccoon is like. [Bradley Cooper] lets me push him any which technique to get where I need to go. He doesn’t quit. He sits there in the studio all day lengthy until his voice is sore and his eyes are bloodshot, and he’s bleeding from his nose and ears. But he’s turned in some good raccoon voices, so who cares ”

“I bought the script that morning, and i did it in two hours at the end of a day of second unit shooting. That’s how this little bit got here together with Benicio.”

“[Del Toro] is on the market, man. He’s one of the best. We just kept watching him on set, being like, ‘Oh my God.’ He was probably the character who was most totally different from what I imagined. Although, I did say he’s like an outer-house Liberace. That’s what it says within the script, which he’s type of doing. He actually got here in prepared and doing something totally unique, and he’s mesmerizing the entire time he’s in the film.”

He’s referring to The Collector, the villain Benicio del Toro will play in Guardians of the Galaxy. As to what precisely his alternate meant, we’ll discuss that very soon. Also soon, we’ll get to see some Guardians footage (according to Gunn). Guardians of the Galaxy will launch August 1st, 2014.

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