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What Occurred To Superman’s Mother

Men's Iron Fist Desgin Long Sleeve T-ShirtDC lastly revealed considered one of the largest Rebirth mysteries of them all at this time in “Action Comics” #987 written by Dan Jurgens with art from Victor Bogdanovic, Jonathan Glapion, Jay Leisten, and Mike Spicer. The continued mystery of Mr. Oz might be traced again to his first appearance pre-Rebirth in Geoff Johns and John Romita, Jr.’s “Superman” #35 during the DC You days in June 2014. Mr. Oz went on to play roles in “DC nightwing t shirt hot topic generator Universe: Rebirth” #1 and other massive storylines like the disappearance of Tim Drake in “Detective Comics” and “Superman Reborn.” Jurgens and co. pulled back the curtain on the character in the first subject of “The Oz Effect” arc right this moment. You’ll discover the answer to the three 12 months long query, who is Mr Oz, below this picture of Stephanie Brown, aka Spoiler.

That’s right people, it turns out that Mr. Oz is none other than Superman’s dear previous dad Jor-El. Hypothesis for Mr. Oz’s identity has ranged from Ozymandias of “Watchmen” fame since Mr. Oz appears to have knowledge of Doctor Manhattan, to different characters like Superboy Prime, Kon-El (Superboy), a Pre-Flashpoint Lex Luthor, and others.

You’ll be able to try the reveal under.
In “Action Comics” nightwing t shirt hot topic generator right this moment, Oz begins his endgame for Superman, attempting to make him realize that saving humanity is pointless and that he despatched Clark to the unsuitable planet when Krypton exploded. This reveal begs more questions than it answers, specifically how did Jor-El survive Krypton’s destruction What occurred to Superman’s mother What’s the connection between Jor-El and Doctor Manhattan Why did Jor-El want to kidnap Tim Drake And, perhaps most apt, is that this really Jor-El or is there more reveal to return

We’ll know more as “The Oz Effect” continues in “Action Comics” #988 in two weeks on September 27th, and likewise in “Detective Comics” #965 which begins the return of Tim Drake in “A Lonely Place of Living” the identical day. Sound off within the comments under about what you think concerning the Mr. OZ reveal!