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John Diggle (Arrow)

Andy Diggle, Jr. (nephew)
Lyla Michaels (wife)
Sara Diggle (Pre-Flashpoint daughter)
John Diggle Jr. (Put up-Flashpoint son)

Base Of Operations



Marital Standing





John Diggle is the best pal of Oliver Queen and a member of Team Arrow. Eobard_Thawne He joined Oliver’s crusade shortly after and started operating as a vigilante, ultimately taking the title, Spartan. After Oliver retired from vigilantism, Diggle would take up the mantle of Green Arrow.

Early Years
John Diggle was born in 1977. He served in the United States Particular Forces as a Inexperienced Beret, below the command of Theodore Gaynor. Upon his retirement from lively duty, he entered private safety.

Helping the Arrow
Diggle was finally hired by Moira Queen to act as a bodyguard for her son, Oliver, after he was attacked by unknown assailants. Oliver largely attempted to keep away from Diggle as a lot as he might, much to the bodyguard’s annoyance. However when Diggle is injured by an assassin, Oliver is ultimately compelled to reveal his id to him. Diggle initially resigned, voicing his disapproval of how Oliver had been spending his nights, however in the end relents, turning into the voice of purpose in Oliver’s campaign.

After discovering out the deadly assassin often called Deadshot, was answerable for the death of his brother, Diggle joined Oliver in his campaign to scrub up the city.[1] Due to this Diggle, developed a rivalry with Deadshot.

Changing into Green Arrow
After Oliver had decided to retire as a vigilante, because of eager to deal with being a father, he asked Diggle to hold on the legacy of the Green Arrow. Diggle accepted and grew to become the new chief of Team Arrow.[2]

Archery: Diggle is profient at archery, as shown when he had posed because the Arrow to clear Oliver’s identify. Despite this, Diggle is very expert at wielding a crossbow, which he started using during his time as Green Arrow.[Three]
Aviation: As a consequence of his time within the military, Diggle is an skilled in piloting helicopters.
Bilingualism: Diggle is able to fluently speaking English and Arabic.
Demolitions: As a former soldier, Diggle is an professional in planting and detonating explosives.
Interrogation: John is skilled in interrogating criminals in order to achieve intel.[4]
Management: Diggle has proven himself to be a very capable chief, as he led Crew Arrow when Oliver briefly retired.
Firearms: Diggle is an expert marksman and highly expert with firearms, he has carried a Glock 17 as his sidearm and has used many different firearms comparable to assault rifles and a grenade launcher.
Martial Arts: Attributable to his vigorous training with Oliver through the years, Diggle has become a grasp martial artist, possessing ability in a variety of fighting types. His abilities have allowed him to swiftly take down educated assassins, as well as armed mercenaries. star trek ladies t shirt 2016 – Boxing[5]
Wing Chun[6]
Stick Fighting: Diggle is shown to be an skilled stick fighter, as he commonly trains with Oliver, using escrima sticks, and on one occasion a wooden employees.

John Diggle is portrayed by David Ramsey.
Diggle’s brother Andrew is likely named after Andy Diggle, the author of Green Arrow: Year One, upon which Arrow is largely based.

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