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The Flash: What Were You Pondering

Welcome again, loyal Couch Clubbers! It’s so long that we’ve been away from one another and that i hope that, like me, you might be thrilled that The Flash (and all the pieces #DCTV), is again on the air. At the end of the previous season, we noticed Barry Allen facing down against his greatest speedster foe up to now, Savitar (a.k.a. evil future Barry Allen!), and sacrificing himself to the Pace Pressure so as to protect Wally West, Jay Garrick and the rest of the heroes from Crew Flash.

New Design 100% Cotton Printed On Batman And Robin dc Children's T-shirtI wished to convey up those two dangling participles from last season because I actually think that this fourth season premiere, “The Flash Reborn,” addressed both of them deftly and powerfully.

There was never a doubt in my thoughts that Barry Allen was going to be coming back to the present that was named after him (and, sure, I understand that each Wally West and Bart Allen have taken up the mantle of The Flash). It’s been my hope that we’ll get extra cool new speedsters this season (I even wrote an article about who I’d prefer to see show up!), though I am hoping that they won’t fall into the function of villain as we’ve seen within the previous three seasons.

The Flash heard my hopes and blessed season 4 with the Thinker, performed by Neil Sandilands! Clifford DeVoe (the primary Thinker from the Golden Age), was identify dropped several occasions last season and on this episode we lastly get the chance to see him on screen. I think it’s fairly amazing that the present has been seeding this character for thus lengthy and now we finally bear witness to the payoff. Plus, with the potential for the Thinker’s plan to succeed in as far again as last season—if not even farther—then this could possibly be the largest menace Team Flash has faced down to date.

Past how far the Thinker’s results will be felt…remember the symbols that Barry was scrawling all around the partitions when he first came out of the Velocity Power and before he obtained his thoughts back I’m satisfied that those are symbols both developed by or tied instantly back to the Thinker, and are going to play out as part of the mystery surrounding him over the course of this season.

Let me know when you have any ideas about the language we noticed on display in “The Flash Reborn” down within the comments as a result of I’m obsessive about what it could possibly be!

The Thinker is, classically, a Jay Garrick villain who originally menaced the Gotham City underground. While I believe a field journey all the solution to Gotham is unlikely, I do imagine there may be the possibility with the Thinker to take Barry Allen and the whole crew from S.T.A.R. Labs to a new setting that we have now by no means seen before. If Barry has to defer to Jay Garrick or fold him in additional actively within the plan to take down the Thinker, then this might allow for extra development of their mentor/mentee relationship that we’ve really solely seen the beginning of up so far.

In this submit-Pace Pressure imprisonment world, Barry Allen’s personality has undergone a fairly significant shift. Final season we saw a a lot sadder version of the character. He was someone who actually felt the weight of the responsibility of his mantle and the tragedies that his vigilantism had wrought. Now that he’s come back to the world and the woman he loves, Barry has turned over a new leaf. I adored his scene with Iris the place he talks about wanting to be more constructive.

Honestly, this entire episode felt like a throwback to season one besides the costumes have the colors ramped up even higher (can we take a second to appreciate how yellow Wally’s new Child Flash swimsuit is ), and that’s just superior. In my opinion, one thing that makes The Flash distinctive is that it doesn’t should dwell in the star wars darth vader victory t-shirt shadows the best way Arrow does. It stands out towards loads of different genre exhibits in that way and I’m glad to see this season embracing that aspect.

The episode known as “The Flash Reborn” and that sensibility prolonged to all elements of the episode. There are a couple occasions we do see an precise rebirth: Barry returning from the Velocity Drive, Wally putting on the Flash costume, the redefining of what a villain on The Flash needs to be and a return to an early narrative tone, at the least for a short time.

Annnnnd…this is a superb place for me to assign you some homework, Flash fans. The title of this episode also attracts from Geoff Johns’ iconic FLASH: REBIRTH series, which you’ll be able to download right here, as well as the present Rebirth FLASH sequence being written by Joshua Williamson, which you may get caught up on right here.

Looking ahead to reading your ideas in the comments and do let me know if you happen to decide to choose up any of the comics I really helpful here. See you subsequent week!

Ashley V. Robinson covers The Flash as a part of the #DCTV Sofa Club. You will discover her on Twitter at @AshleyVRobinson and on the Jawiin YouTube channel. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. (7 p.m. CST) on The CW.