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High 10 Fictional Archers

Ridley Scott’s faux-historical take on the legend of Robin Hood is coming to theaters this weekend, promising loads of arrow slinging and motion. Robin Hood isn’t the only bow in city, although. There’s a wealthy historical past of fictional archers, and here’s a take a look at ten of the best.

10. Bard from The Hobbit
Bard of Dale is the one non-magical human hero within the Hobbit, and he also is the one character who will get advice at critical moments from thrushes. I’m not saying people are chicken-speaking Dr. Doolittle loonies, however I must look sideways at a man who converses with woodland creatures in the middle of battle. Nonetheless, that thrush guided Bard’s arrow to the weak spot in Smaug the dragon’s disguise, making certain peace in all of the land. Or, effectively, till Sauron went ring loopy just a little later.

9. Susan Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia
Susan begins her journey as a wartime orphan who likes to rummage in closets. After Santa Claus (nicely, Father Christmas, but same diff) places a bow and arrow in her stocking, she transforms into an arrow-notching, bullseyeing struggle machine. Nicely, truly she becomes a queen who sometimes likes to shoot issues, but wouldn’t a spinoff about Susan going rogue have been awesome

8. John Rambo from Rambo
With both of the previous entries on this list being from the realm of fantasy and all of the remaining ones being both superheroes or legendary figures, it’s good to see a modern-day hero who’s not afraid to go old skool and throw an arrow into the skull of every anti-American stunt man between right here and Myanmar. Certain, Rambo normally relies on guns and explosives, however he’s simply at home with a very good bow in hand.

7. Huntress from DC Comics
In any case the eye paid to wielders of composite bows, recurve bows, longbows, and all the remaining, we now flip our attention to the Huntress, DC Comics’s definitive badass on crossbows. The unique Huntress was a villain, however the second incarnation was Helena Wayne, the daughter of an alternate universe version of Batman and Catwoman. Helena was the one to take up the signature crossbow, nonetheless used right this moment by the present Huntress, Helena Bertinelli (after the AU Bat-Cat-daughter was retconned away in Disaster on Infinite Earths).

6. Arwyn from Sojourn
Sojourn was a comedian within the early ’00s that told the story of Arwyn, a widowed archer who set out on a quest of vengeance with dog Kreeg and her one-eyed swashbuckling pal. They traveled the lands of Quin in search of shards from a magic arrow she would use to kill the villainous, wizardous Mordath. Arwyn was a crack shot along with her bow, and nothing may impede her progress… except for the bankruptcy of writer Crossgen and the next screeching halt of their greatest comedian series.

5. Bullseye from Marvel Comics
Now we’re coming to the part of the listing the place you just about have to incorporate people based on their names alone. Bullseye is an assassin in Marvel Comics with deadly intention. His major talent isn’t archery, as he prefers doing issues like perforating your trachea with unbent paperclips, but he’s still sufficient of an expert marksman with bows that he took up the guise of Hawkeye throughout Norman Osborn’s ill-suggested attempt to run the Avengers (into the bottom).

4. Hawkeye from Marvel Comics
The true Hawkeye, Clint Barton, trumps the remainder of the Marvel Universe in terms of archery. He’s so good at what he does that he’s not content material with firing one arrow at a time. In current comics you can find him blotting out the proverbial solar with a swarm of arrows, and he’s not averse to utilizing the occasional trick arrow as properly. He’s so good that he even joined the circus! Not that becoming a member of the circus is a true measure of grandmaster archery, but I simply had to include that bit.

3. Legolas from The Lord of the Rings
After seeing Orlando Bloom hopping around and dispatching Elven model carnage and mayhem in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings movies, I needed to be an archer. I needed to settle for taking part in Lord of the Rings On-line, but nonetheless! Legolas’s talent with the bow is so uncanny and easy that he manages to slot in some prime arrow pictures throughout pretty much all the things he does… skateboarding on shields, Tarzaning around giant beasts, munching on some lembas…

2. Green Arrow from DC Comics
When you might have a character who calls himself the Green Arrow, you know he’s critical about both archery or making legal left turns. In star wars episode 2 t shirt DC Comics’s case, it’s the former, as tremendous mega archery skilled supreme Oliver Queen reigns as the best bowman in comics. I imply, come on, he even as soon as had a lair known as the Arrowcave. So far as I know, he never joined the circus, however I refuse to let that knock him down the listing.

1. Robin Hood
Did you really assume anybody else could be at the highest of this list Robin Hood is the folks hero who inspired almost every ensuing fictional archer. He was so good that he had a fan membership that hung out with him in Sherwood Forest, lengthy earlier than fan clubs existed. He was so good that he fired an arrow to point out of us where he needed to be buried. He was so good that Errol star wars episode 2 t shirt Flynn may play him without his pencil skinny mustache trying too ridiculous. Well, principally.

There you might have it: ten archers who could William Tell an apple off your head blindfolded. Do you’ve got any favourite archers I missed My apologies for not including Child Icarus, but there were only ten slots, you already know.

About Jason Dorough
Jason is the founder and managing editor of Fandomania, and he co-hosts the weekly Fandomania Podcast with Celeste. He’s severely into toy amassing, star wars episode 2 t shirt performs a worryingly massive amount of games, watches approach too many movies and Television shows, and reads more than his fair share of books and comics. He also likes guacamole.

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