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Martian Manhunter is a personality from DC Comics. He fought Piccolo in an episode of 1 Minute Melee.

Fanon Wiki Concepts To this point
Martian Manhunter VS Giegue
Magneto VS Martian Manhunter
Martian Manhunter vs. Mewtwo
Martian Manhunter vs. Imaginative and prescient
Injustice Battle Royale (By Eficiente)

Completed Dying Battles
Martian Manhunter vs Piccolo
Martian Manhunter vs. Tremendous-Skrull

J’onn Jonzz is an extraterrestrial humanoid from the superman graphic t shirt size planet Mars at a time of a racial warfare between his Inexperienced Martian brothers and the White Martians. Though J’onn joined the trigger to protect his household, the “The Martian Holocaust” tremendously decimated both the races to the point of extinction as he inadvertently teleported to Earth by Dr. Saul Erdel. The shock of J’onn’s sudden appearance causes Erdel to die from a heart attack, forcing the martian to assume Dr. Erdel’s identification and understand about 1950s human society through television whereas bidding his time for his people to avoid wasting him. But J’onn would have a long time to attend and finally accepting that Mars is now devoid of clever life, creating an identity as Middletown detective John Jones in the present day superman graphic t shirt size and turning into one of many founding members of the Justice League

As a martian, besides being stronger and denser than a human, Martian Manhunter’s major skill is form-shifting. This includes altering his physical look to assume another’s identification, camouflage himself around her surroundings, and adapting to an setting. He additionally possess the flexibility to shift his density to move by way of solid objects, telepathy that enables him to grasp any language, and telekinesis that he can use to propel himself into the air. As the product of a sophisticated civilization with years of knowledge a strategic thinking, Martian Manhunter also possesses a wealth of scientific information and technological expertize that make him an incredible counselor.

– Martian Manhunter wears natural clothing that may change measurement, form and colour in response to his mental commands.

– Can become on par with Superman’s energy if he wished, being out of the few to actually harm a Kryptonian bare-handed; together with Superman [1], Doomsday and Superboy-Prime [2]. – Superman himself admitted that he’s ‘afraid to face him in fight’ and that with superman graphic t shirt size regards to probably the most highly effective characters in DC; he is ‘at the highest of X-Men that listing. He’s probably the most powerful being on the face of the Earth’. Batman agreed as he concluded that Manhunter’s psychic talents could have easily killed most or all of the Justice League with a thought. [Three]

His Telepathy will not work in the likes of Black Adam 1
As a martian, he’s weak towards direct heat or fire and his physiology is prone to pressure, shrinking a bit at underwater depths.
Guilt of his function within the Martian Holocaust.
Choco Cookies.
Unable to mentally translate Krolotean.
Was briefly a Black Lantern.
In an alternate universe, he was killed by superman (Injustice Yr 1)

One of many the reason why Manhunter was so powerful is because he was used in its place for Superman if for some motive Superman was not available or allowed for use within the comic.
Manhunter’s weakness to fireplace is inconsistent; typically solely magical fire can harm him, generally he is immune to fire however remains to be pyrophobic.

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