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Description & Poison

Poison sumac, (Toxicodendron vernix), additionally called poison elder, poisonous shrub or small tree of the cashew family (Anacardiaceae), native to swampy acidic soils of eastern North America. The clear sap, which blackens on exposure to air, accommodates urushiol and is extremely irritating to the skin for many individuals; the plant is taken into account extra allergenic than the intently associated poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) or western poison Men’s Print Stormtrooper Top SWR Short Sleeve Tee Shirt oak (T. diversilobum). The itchy and painful inflammation, often called contact dermatitis, can persist for days or weeks.

Poison sumac is a deciduous tree or shrub with an open form. It typically reaches about 6 metres (20 toes) in top. The compound leaves consist of 7-13 oval leaflets with clean margins. Younger leaves are sometimes brilliant orange. The leaves mature to a deep glossy inexperienced and turn purple-orange earlier than they drop in autumn. The small yellow-green flowers superman t shirt hong kong price are borne in unfastened hanging clusters that emerge from the leaf axils. In contrast to the upright fuzzy reddish fruit clusters of true sumacs (genus Rhus), poison sumac has whitish waxy drupes that droop loosely from its stalks.

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