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Here’s my prediction for subsequent week. The title “Twilight of the Apprentice” isn’t simply referring Thor:_Ragnarok to Ahsoka. It’s referring to Ezra too as he’s ultimately pulled to the darkish side.

Ezra will meet Maul after running off from Kanan and Ahsoka. Ezra initially resists, however soon offers in to Maul’s promise of energy and begins to teach him the fundamentals of the darkish side. Once Ezra kills one the of the inquisitors, Maul will say something like “you are turn is complete” or something like that.

Meanwhile, we’ll nonetheless get the Vader vs Ahsoka showdown we’ve all been craving. However maybe the combat will end like how it did with Obi-Wan and Anakin at the top of ROTS. I’m betting Ahsoka will at the very least get significantly injured, maybe have a limb chopped off and thrown off a cliff solely to be rescued by Kanan. Or she’ll be killed……..she’ll probably be killed.

After defeating Ahsoka, Vader will sense the dark facet in and search out the supply. Maul will appear and name Vader a false sith and attempt to assault him only to be easily subdued by Vader’s energy. Ezra will try to assault Vader in rage, Vader will combat back to see that Ezra was the source of the darkish tee shirt star wars 7 110 side power he sensed. Holding Ezra in a pressure choke hold. Vader will offer to prepare Ezra within the ways of the dark facet, not as an inquisitor, however as a sith apprentice.

Ezra will settle for and Kanan will sense tee shirt star wars 7 110 all of this happening, possibly even witnessing it from afar Season 3 will see the Ghost crew fighting the empire with more assist whereas Kanan, and maybe Ahsoka if she survives, hunt down Vader and Ezra to save lots of him.