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‘The Incredible Hulk 2’ Release Date, Cast & Rumors

After the success of the Hulk in the newest “Avengers,” Lou Ferrigno, former “The Incredible Hulk” Tv star and voice actor for the Hulk believes a new solo Hulk movie might be in the works after the 2nd “Avengers” film.

ScreenRant.com writes that Lou spoke to an area Minnesota radio station and leaked data that after the most recent “Avengers” film is launched, a Hulk movie might be within the works.

“Now as a result of he saved the day they’re making one the flash toddler shirt other solo the flash toddler shirt ‘Hulk’ movie after the second ‘Avengers’ comes out,” says Ferrigno.

In accordance with ULTFB.com, Mark Ruffalo who plays Bruce Banner aka The Hulk, “signed a six-image deal with Marvel.” Primarily based on the movies which have been released, particularly, The “Avengers” film and its sequel “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” there are 4 movies left for Ruffalo to play the Hulk (if we don’t count his transient look in “Iron Man three”), which implies it is the flash toddler shirt extremely doable that a solo movie could also be out.

Nonetheless, it seems Marvel isn’t that positive about the future of Hulk in a solo movie as a result of it has’t been officially introduced by the crew and the studio has already made an inventory of movie confirmations to date. Included in the checklist are “Ant-Man,” “Captain America three,” “Thor 3,” “Doctor Unusual” and “Avengers 3,” writes ULTFB.com.

Whereas Ferrigno has been a veteran in the Hulk films and Television show, it is difficult to take what he says with finality as this isn’t the primary prediction of Ferrigno on the subject. He made the same comment a few months back which was contrary to the data of Hulk star Mark Ruffalo who mentioned “there aren’t any plans for a standalone Hulk film within the fast future.”

This isn’t the one buzz surrounding a solo movie. IB Occasions writes that apart from “The Hulk,” there may be clamor for a Black Widow stand alone film.

“If you want to see a Black Widow spin-off film, then I wish to see it. We’ll see. We are going to put the request into Marvel tomorrow, ” Johansson said at a “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” premiere, The IB Times quotes Mirror.

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