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DIY Star Wars Toys

The children are wildly into Star Wars at the moment. Have you seen the worth of Star Wars toys! ! Good grief! Even second hand they are nonetheless mighty pricey until you get fortunate. So, I’ve been painting peg dolls and we’ve all been making house ships out of recycling once more.

Men's Desgin RED HOOD RENDER DC COMICS Short Sleeve T ShirtsFirst I’ll show you those the kids helped to make, then I’ll present you the birthday current me and Paul made for our older daughter, who turned six yesterday. Me and the children made an x-wing and a tie fighter one evening a few weeks ago, after i should have been making dinner. Just hot glue and stuff from the recycling bin, plus a little bit of paint on top.

The x-wing was made from a small cardboard box for the physique, a cereal box minimize out for the wings, 4 corks for the engines, with pen lids on the ideas of the wings and on the again of the engines. The guns coming out of the ends of the wing tip pen lids are snipped off electrical ties like those I used to make the insect antennae. The nose of the x-wing was made from strategically reducing a mac and cheese field and then glueing a little bit of an egg carton to the tip. The cork engines had a plastic lid the walking dead daryl dixon t shirt sales stuck on the entrance of every (from a quarter machine toy container). Lastly the cockpit cowl was made from a clear plastic wood screw field.

The tie fighter was made from a toilet roll tube, two cut out bits of plastic from the bottom of a black plastic Trader Joes chana masala tray (mmmmm curry!) and the middle is only a left over plastic baseball from once we did the vuvuzela craft a while again. I really like the wonky little cockpit window that my 4 yr old drew on it.

These have been a huge hit with the children. My older daughter was significantly excited in regards to the x-wing as a result of the pilot truly went inside it. They have been so into them that I used to be on the verge of serving to them to turn a couple of old frisbies into the Millenium Falcon, but Carys’s birthday was a week away and so me and Paul the walking dead daryl dixon t shirt sales determined to secretly make her a extra robust Falcon dollhouse for her present. After I made Pixie Hollow for Ffion back in March, I wanted to do one thing equally dwelling made for Carys and so we determined to spend a couple of evenings with me painting up peg dolls and Paul screwing numerous thrift store finds together to make the Falcon for them to go in.

I painted up all the peg dolls over the course of four evenings, after the youngsters had gone to mattress. They are actually freaking small! It could have been a lot simpler to use bigger peg dolls, but these have been the ones we might get cheaply at Michaels (didn’t have time to wait for something by mail), also I wanted them to be in a position to fit into the doll home we were making for them. I used two sizes. Darth Vader and Chewy are made from larger 2-three/eight” blank peg dolls (they got here in a packet of two) All of the others were made from the little 1-5/eight” peg dolls that came in packets of three. Some of them had bits chopped off and glued back collectively in weird methods to get the appropriate sizes and shapes. This is the only in progress photo I took (about half way via).

The cute little faces have been based mostly on an amazing flikr set by Ty Lettau that I found through laughing squid, at simply the appropriate moment!

Vader and the storm trooper’s masks had been made by masking the peg in clingfilm/clingwrap and then molding Fimo clay into the fitting form, then carefully pulling it off and baking it exhausting. It was fiddly, however I couldn’t consider another strategy to make the helmets be lifelike and fit the pegs accurately. Vader’s might be taken on and off to reveal his gnarly face when he decides to go away the darkish side. I glued on the storm trooper’s helmet though.

Leia’s hair is a couple of wood beads glued onto the sides of her head. Han Solo in carbonite is a Jenga block with half of one of many peg doll’s heads glued on. C3P0 had his head chopped off and changed with a random smaller picket head shaped thing I had useful. R2D2 was the underside bit that we chopped off to make Yoda with another half a head glued on the highest. He’s teeny (only 3/four” tall). They’re all painted with acrylic craft paint and have a few coats of satin end Mod Podge to varnish them (Darth and the storm trouper’s helmet are varnished with gloss Mod Podge) I superglued felt to Chewy’s head and little felt ears to Yoda, which went rock hard as soon as I painted and varnished it.

I still need to make Boba Fett and Jabba, possibly even a couple of Ewoks, oooh and Admiral Ackbar! There are such a lot of characters we may keep going with, so if the kids are still into it I’d make more as stocking fillers for Christmas. Anyway, listed here are the pics…

Han Solo
Han in carbonite
Obi Wan Kenobi

Luke Skywalker in his X-wing flight go well with.
Princess Leia.

Lando Calrissian Yoda.
Storm Trooper. It was very late when i painted this little dude and that i now realise that the best way I painted his boby armour makes it look like he’s carrying a thong. Nice.

Darth Vader
With his mask off.
Chewbacca. R2D2 Then you’ll be able to arrange them into teams for sinister family portraits 🙂

Paul has written a submit on his weblog “Fangletronics” showing how we put together the Millenium Falcon dollhouse from random thrift store finds and recycling. So if you wish to see all of the bits that went into making the ship below then pop over to his submit right here.
It’s been performed with almost continuously since the youngsters bought it yesterday. It is always a relief when something you’ve spent a whole lot of time on is properly acquired! Phew! I think Paul did a very good job making the falcon sturdy, so hopefully it’s going to final for a very long time.