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Every Episode Of Marvel’s Luke Cage Might be Titled After A Gang Starr Tune

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The solid of .@LukeCage!#BGNSDCC pic.twitter.com/O7ffCqLCZ0 — Cynthia F. (@cynfinite) July 22, 2016

Just like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Luke Cage will use New York Metropolis, notably Harlem as its backdrop. Luke Cage who has impenetrable skin and mutant-like superhuman power can be beating up dangerous guys in darkish hallways similar to the struggle scenes in Jessica Jones and Daredevil.

If it’s not broken do not repair it right thundercats t shirt target kitchen Netflix knows it is audiences and Marvel appears to be compliant to what fans admire on this binge-watching era of tv consumption. As an alternative of trying to make Netflix Marvel shows look like films, they’ve opted with a (profitable) components of darkish combat scenes, in depth character growth and have saved a really shut relationship between the comedian books, fans and the television display screen.

Each episode of Luke Cage can be titled after a Gangstarr song. Even the trailers have captured a sure New York hip-hop essence that is a bit extraordinary. Deadpool featured lots of DMX but the Luke Cage trailers have embraced rappers like Nas and Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

I like the place Marvel on Netflix are taking us. After the Luke Cage trailer was shown at SDCC, Marvel dominated social media for hours afterwards releasing trailers for Daredevil, Iron Fist and The Defenders. Am I the only one ready for The Punisher trailer

Are you excited in regards to the upcoming Luke Cage series You have to be. With the visibility of Black Lives Matter our perceptions of heroism are not restricted to straight in a position-bodied white males and their savior advanced. We count on to see more diverse characters that will not only resonate with comedian guide fans but additionally seize the interest of new followers. To discuss more about range in comics, there’s a Facebook group known as, My Superheroes Are Black! They cowl and help diverse illustrators, publishers, writers and thundercats t shirt target kitchen basic blerd (black nerd) subjects. Most significantly, I would like to present a special thanks to Cynthia Francillon and Black Lady Nerds for permission to make use of their exclusive images.